Social Media Support When Needed

I provide practical hints, tips and support to my clients and have expanded that support into a service package.

Together with you, I will create a bespoke marketing package which includes Social Media channels like Facebook and together we will build an audience to engage with.


If you are going to market your business – you need to know the facts! These facts are accurate as of 2022 and are sourced from Oberlo

How Many People Use Social Media

There are currently over 4.59 Billion Social Media Users equating to about 58% of the population! [Statista 2022]

Facebook is leading the way!

There are currently around 2.94 Billion users worldwide making it the most widely used platform [Dataportal 2022]

Generationally Speaking..

84% of users are aged 18-29 

81% of users are aged 30-49

Time Spent

An average of 2.5 hours each day is spent on social Media! [Dataportal 2022]


Your Customers

75% of internet users use social media to research products [Dataportal 2022]

Power of Social Media Marketing

73% of marketers believe  that Social Media has been ‘somewhat effective’ or ‘very effective’ for their business [Buffer 2019]


I want to help as many businesses as possible. So I have created a free CHeatsheet PDF for you to download and use as a reference. 

Popular questions I have been asked over the years!

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from your web design service?

All of the sites are built with your customer in mind. I build mobile-friendly sites that are easy to navigate and fit well on a phone or iPad as well as a traditional PC.

Your new website will also be linked to your preferred Social Media Channels.

All of our Websites have a solid SEO foundation to enable your business to rank well on Google’s Search Index as well as Bing and other Search Engines.

Can I host my new website with you?

We have teamed up with Siteground and have used their services for over 3 years. Every client that chooses to host with us receives a FREE SSL certificate which tells Google that their website is secure and trustworthy ( look for a padlock in the top left-hand corner of the search bar ) Each client also has two email addresses included as part of their monthly hosting plan with us.


Where areas of The United kingdom do you cover?

Although one Crazy Apple is in Wantage Oxfordshire, I work with clients in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Where possible I try to meet physically but if the distance is too great I will Zoom.

Can you help with my SEO

Yes, I can!


SEO is about helping you get more customers by making your products and services more visible online. This in a nutshell is what SEO is. Read more about my SEO service here.


Can you help me with a Google Business listing?

Google wants to learn and be as helpful to its customers as possible. That’s why I create a Google Business listing for my clients and can update it regularly.

This is One Crazy Apple’s google business page as an example!


Do you offer Social Media Support?

Yes! I have some clients who prefer me to run their Social Media accounts and together we build an audience online and run successful campaigns and strategies. You can read more about my Social Media Support here.

Can you install GDPR software

Yes! It’s the law! Every website needs to be GDPR compliant. I include GDPR software with every website I create.