Digital Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options And We Are With You Each Step Of The Way! Here’s What We Do

Web Design

We build all of our sites in WordPress and use the latest software to make things easier. All of our sites are responsive and work beautifully on Mobile phones and Tablets.

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We can build complex E-Commerce shops online to a simple landing page and everything in between!

With over 8 years local building experience we know what the people of Wantage & Grove like.

Prices start from £500


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a complex strategy to rank your website over your competitors. It involves ensuring your website meets strict criteria and adheres to Google’s and Bings guidelines.

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Gone are the days where you stuffed keywords in your website and watch it climb the dizzy pages of Google to get to Number One spot. Simply put, you now need a comprehensive strategy to enable your website to rank well.

We have many years of experience working with Google and Bing and know how to genuinely rank our client’s websites without using ‘Black Hat’ strategies. We research using good sources of analytical data to ensure that our chosen SEO path is going to be productive and the client gets a good return on their investment and they rank well for their chosen term.

We can include SEO as part of our aftercare package. Just ask us to quote you.

Email Marketing

The money is in the list! If you want your business to grow you need to have a client and lead base. We will help you grow your base by using funnels.

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Email  Marketing is a popular and useful strategy to grow your business. But like any other strategy, it involves hard work and time. We can set up and run email marketing campaigns to generate new leads and help you market to your existing clients. Special Offers, Surveys, Ebooks are all useful and necessary tools along the journey.


Prices start from £100


Coming Soon

We will be creating videos to help all of our clients exclusively. Each will guide you through a particular aspect of WordPress along with SEO training.

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We are putting the final touches to our help videos and they will be exclusively for our clients – we’ll let you know when they are ready!

Social Media

We know a thing or two about Social Media and have used Social Media to run campaigns on behalf of clients and teach you how to use Facebook more effectively.

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The first rule of Social Media is Engagement! Unfortunately, most businesses tend to shout and scream about what they offer and not really listen to what’s being said to them. For example, If you get no links. notifications, feedback from a post-it normally means you to need to adjust your message and interact more! So, maybe you’re a point in your journey where you need a little help and guidance with your Social Media? If so get in touch!

Prices start from £100


Audience Analytics

Before embarking on any Digital Journey you need to know where you are before you can plan your journey. thus your analytics. E.g. where’s your traffic coming from? What pages rank?

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By using Google Analytics and other Analytic tools we can build a picture of your current journey and see who has been visiting your site, when, and more importantly why. We will then make recommendations based upon the EVIDENCE. Digital Marketing does not involve guesswork. It should be based on genuine evidence and multiple sources. This is the correct use of Analytics and it is imperative that if you want your business to succeed, you know the basics of what is happening on your website, Social Media channels and Email Marketing.

Our Analytic Reports start from £100

Brand Design & Strategy

From drawing board to the finished product we guide you through the world of Branding, Logos, Videos, Flyers, Business Cards and more.

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Branding is about your business standing out from your competitors. We can design logos and flyers, business cards. Videos are a popular method of communicating your message and we create those as well! Maybe a video for your Facebook page or Website would entice your visitors to become clients? They may certainly at least start a conversation!

Logos £50

Flyers £50

Videos £150 (depending on length etc)

Workshops & Training

We run workshops on Social Media Management including Facebook, Twitter, SEO, as well as one on one training on Digital Marketing overall. So all of your training needs are covered!

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Stuffy classrooms are best left in the distant past. We bring a vibrant and fun elelment to our training sessions. We can cover most topics in the Digital Marketing and can pretty much set up anywhere – we’ve even held workshops in local pubs!

Prices start from £250 for a day workshop

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