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SEO is a complex strategy to rank your website over your competitors. It involves ensuring your website meets strict criteria and adheres to Google’s and Bings guidelines. Gone are the days where you stuffed keywords in your website and watch it climb the dizzy pages of Google to get to Number One spot. Simply put, you now need a comprehensive strategy to enable your website to rank well.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We have many years of experience working with Google and Bing and know how to genuinely rank our client’s websites without using ‘Black Hat’ strategies (Read a great article on SEO by  SERP Co who explain in detail about SEO and its benefits) We research using good sources of analytical data to ensure that our chosen SEO path is going to be productive and the client gets a good return on their investment and they rank well for their chosen term.

We can include SEO as part of our aftercare package. Just ask!

Organic Search

Simply put, this is the section underneath the paid ads. Ideally, your business should be in the first couple of slots for the term you want to be found for i.e. ‘Dog walkers in Wantage.’ We will work with you to help you achieve pole position by employing a number of strategies and ensuring your website is SEO’d correctly!

On-Page SEO

By ensuring that Google’s SEO guidelines are adhered to and ensuring that all the ‘I’s and ‘T’s are crossed we can help ensure your business does well on Google and Bing. 

Link Building

The Web is made up of millions and millions of websites that are all interlinked at some point. Search Engines are there to extract the necessary information it has been asked for by the user (you). The more links you have to your website, the easier it is to find. The better the quality links you have to your website means the higher up the ranking s you will go. 


These are the terms that you want your business ranked for. We will perform a number of searches and queries to establish what keywords are best for your business and ensure that they are useful to find you.

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