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now is the time for honesty!

Times are tough! COVID 19 has wreaked havoc with small businesses not just in the UK but globally!

Now more than ever every business will need to double down on their marketing efforts and ensure that every single website visitor wants to do business with you!


We create beautiful and inspiring websites which encourage your visitors to take action. Then, using a variety of tools we showcase and highlight your products and services.

We will ELEVATE your BRAND, WEBSITE and DIGITAL PRESENCE and train you to use Social Media effectively. Together, we will identify areas for GROWTH, provide SEO reports on your competitors and get you ranked on Google, Bing and other Search Engines. 

Here's what our clients have to say about us

Lisa Rickers

LeadOxford Bariatric Support Group 

“James helped transform our support group to provide a website presence and to build a social media network.  This has been instrumental to the development of our group to move towards a not for profit organisation.  James has been there to answer questions and support us to grow our community.  I have been so impressed with James’s approach that I plan to work with him on future projects.”

Icolyn Smith

Founder & CEOIcolyn Smith Foundation

“Working with One Crazy Apple has made running the Icolyn Smith foundation so much easier. With a sophisticated website, people have learned so much more about what we do. After I won the TSB community partner award, our website was the perfect place to send people. Thanks to One Crazy Apple, we have raised nearly £12,000 from 2015 through Just Giving.”

David Harvey

DirectorW R Harvey & CO (Antiques) Ltd

“Since commissioning a new website for my company from James McNish and One Crazy Apple just about a year ago we have all been very impressed with the very personal service we have received from him. The arduous task of designing a website from scratch was accomplished with great good humour and we were walked through what was happening in this process one step at a time and we have all been very impressed with the feedback we have received from clients and colleagues World wide about our site. We are continuing a dialogue with James and finding improvements which he is happy to undertake as the need arises.

We have also had several tutorials from him on the social media we use, Facebook, Twitter, and most recently Instagram and after undoing some of the previous errors we are now set to make progress in all of these fields. When all is said and done it is the attention to detail and personal service which makes One Crazy Apple an exceptional company to do business with.”

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All businesses should be utilizing social media. It's a direct and often cost-effective way to reach your audience. With a little help and guidance, you could be reaching new clients every single day!



With over 2.45 Billion monthly users, every business needs to be reaching their clients on Facebook


Has over 260 Million Active users and has an active engagement of over 40% of users daily!


1 Billion people use the platform each month and over 1/3 of viewed stories are from businesses!


is the second largest search engine and most visited site after Google and has over 1.9B users!

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